#Change4Destination – 13 proposals for the future of publicly financed tourism marketing

Think Tank #Change4Destination


Change4Destination is a think tank, a change process and a possible future for publicly financed tourism marketing. In June last year experts from the tourism industry came together to discuss the future of destination management and marketing. 13 proposals were formulated in various group discussions. These proposals provide an outlook on how destination management and marketing has to change in order to be relevant in the future. What are important tasks, developments and areas of expertise? Within the 13 proposals we provide an answer.


The Video Summit Leipzig

Video Summit Leipzig 2016

What is it?

The Video Summit Leipzig was the first conference for CEOs and marketing & PR professionals in tourism and likewise for videobloggers and videographers form all over the world to discuss and exchange knowledge about current developments in video making and marketing.

Video ist the most important content in digital marketing, especially social media, nowadays. Therefore the industry needs a platform to talk about the fast changing video world and new technologies and formats like 360 videos or Virtual Reality.

The first conference was a huge success. Here you find a summary with all important stats: #TheVideoSummit – A SUCCESS STORY. Currently we plan 2017. Stay tuned and check out the website: www.videosummitleipzig.com

Our future? How will it look like? – A day in 2030

The team of #adayin2030

A day in 2030. In less than 15 years our life will look like what? How do we communicate? Where and how do we work? Where do we grow, buy and store our food? How do we get from A to B? How do we live in mega cities with millions of inhabitants? How do we travel? How does the environment look like? A lot of questions arise when we think of the future, when we think of a day in 2030. With the blog and the project #adayin2030 me and my colleagues from Tourismuszkunft want to support an open discussion about our future. We want to provide different perspectives on a world which will be different, that we know for sure. We want to have your vision of #adayin2030 and we want you to get involved in your and our future. 

Interested? Have a look here: www.adayin2030.com

E-VOLI – Where ideas sprout wings


Do you have an idea? Do you have a new application to show? Do you have a business concept in mind?

YES? Then E-VOLI will help you with the next steps. We, Tourismuszukunft, will support one participant of our E-VOLI competition with our broad knowledge in digital marketing and transformation for one year for free. Yes, for free. For one year you will have the chance to ask us everything and we will guide you through the many questions which arise when someone starts to bring an idea to life. There is NO financial prize involved and we do not guarantee any successneither we will have different winners and the usual presentations in front of a big audience. We will select the best 5 ideas out of all candidacies and will invited them to Munich for a personal get-together. After that meeting we will choose the E-VOLI project of 2017.

Interested to participate?

What do we need? A five minutes (maximum) video. That’s it. Tell us more about you and your idea and answer the following questions:

Who are you?

What is your idea?

Why are you doing that? What is the reason for your idea? 

Which phase are you in? Still dealing with the concept or do you have your product ready?

Then send us an email to info@e-voli.de with your video or the link for the download until April 30, 2017.